Experience the Dimension Difference

Epoxy Coating

In 2014, Dimension Fabricators became a CRSI Certified Epoxy Coating Applicator Plant. As a CRSI Certified Plant, our trained and knowledgeable coating personnel follow a strict set of manufacturing and quality control procedures that reflect the highest standards of workmanship in the industry. This certification gives us the ability to produce epoxy coated rebar to meet the needs of almost any project, material specification, or agency requirements.


We have the capability of coating bars (reinforcing or smooth) in sizes from #4 through #18 in lengths up to eighty feet. Additionally, as an independently owned fabrication shop we have the ability to source plain, black steel from a variety of mills. This allows us to maintain a full inventory of coated bars in varying grades from sizes #4 through #18. We can also provide coated bars conforming to ASTM A934 (coat after fabrication).

Dimension’s Advantage

Our epoxy coating facility is housed under the same roof as our fabrication plant and cage manufacturing operation. The proximity of these operations eliminates unnecessary handling and transportation requirements, thus reducing lead times and eliminating built-in handling costs.

What is epoxy coated rebar?

Reinforcing steel is subject to rapid rates of oxidation and corrosion when installed in wet, salty, or marine environments. In these locations, accelerated deterioration can be prevented by applying a protective coating to the steel’s surface. The most common, effective, environmentally friendly, and economical coating to protect rebar from corrosion is fusion bonded epoxy coating. When applied properly, epoxy coating bonds to steel with substantial strength, is nearly impenetrable, and resists abrasion from ordinary handling in the field.

Why use epoxy coated rebar?

Alongside being economical and practical, FHWA has demonstrated that epoxy coated rebar corrodes 40 to 50 times slower than the corrosion rate of uncoated steel. With this proven track record, epoxy coating is the preferred protection for reinforcing by DOTs and government agencies in New York and New England. Now, and throughout its 4-decade history, epoxy coated reinforcing steel continues to be effective in increasing durability and expected life-cycle of bridges, coastal buildings, and other structures that are subject to marine or corrosive environments.