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Explore our diverse product range, featuring an array of concrete reinforcing solutions tailored to suit various project requirements. With cutting-edge technology, extensive research, and a team of seasoned experts, we have created a comprehensive range of concrete reinforcing materials that surpass industry standards and deliver exceptional results.


We are full service rebar fabricators.

Highly skilled operators combined with automated cutting and bending machinery ensures that material that arrives at your jobsite is right the first time.

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Cage Fabrication

We are industry-leading manufacturers of rebar cages.

Our team of engineers, drafters, operators and technicians combine to manufacture robust cages that are guaranteed to be correct and are delivered to your job site on time. Dimension’s own CAGE-RITE® system (US Patent No. 8387329) has transformed the cage manufacturing process.

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US Patent 8387329

Comprised of robust steel rings with semi-circular detents that positively locate every vertical bar and CSL pipe; the vertical bar spacing and alignment are controlled to just a few thousandths of an inch. The Cage-Rite® System ensures every cage is exactly round, resists loads imposed during construction, transportation, lifting, and placement, and conforms precisely to all dimensional tolerances.

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Epoxy Coating

A CRSI Certified Epoxy Coating Applicator Plant since 2014.

Our epoxy coating facility is housed under the same roof as our fabrication plant and cage manufacturing operation. The proximity of these operations eliminates unnecessary handling and transportation requirements, thus reducing lead times and eliminating built-in handling costs.

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Threading & Couplers

Dimension Fabricators has a solution for your connection needs.

We are one of the Northeast’s largest User/Supplier of Mechanical couplers and Dimension Fabricators can thread from #4 to #18 bar in plain, epoxy coated and galvanized.

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