HRC couplers behave like non-spliced bars and has consistently been proven to be the strongest splice on the market. The couplers were designed to exceed the stress and strain capacity of the reinforcing bar while easily adapting to ever-changing field conditions. They work on bent and radius bars as well as pre-tied cages and retrofit applications. After installation they can be visually inspected to ensure quality unlike welding or many other splicing systems. 



  • Headed Rebar

HRC 555 headed reinforcing bar can simplify rebar details, reduce congestion while improving concrete consolidation, and lower the in-place costs compared to conventional methods. They are building code compliant while exceeding stress and strain capacities of reinforcing bar. With head thickness less than the bar diameter, detailing and positioning issues are prevented and simplified.  


  • Retrofits

Substitute standard hooks for HRC 670 Series. This T-head requires no special equipment and specializes in being installed in the field. They are designed to meet and exceed any requirements for tensile properties and head bearing area.