Cage Assembler 1

  • Education : N/A
  • Employment Status : Full Time (40+ Hours)


Construct simple to moderately complex rebar assembly operations, frequently working as a member of a team receiving close supervision from Team Leaders or the Cage Assembly Superintendent (hereafter: CAS) to provide prompt attention to, and assistance with, shop operations. Perform simple and routine rebar assembly operations. Receive direction from Team Leader or CAS. Perform assigned duties in accordance with safety practices and production guidelines as directed.

Typical Tasks

  • Manually and/or mechanically position steel bars and products according to direction from Team Leader or CAS.
  • Secure bars using pliers and hand-twisted tie-wire. This is a repetitive motion task which requires development of considerable muscular endurance of the hands and wrists.
  • Manually and/or mechanically position steel instrument pipes according to direction from Team Leader or CAS.
  • Use pipe wrenches to install steel pipes, caps, and couplings with threaded connections.
  • Affix tags or ID markings to products for proper identification.
  • Assemble cage bracing structures according to direction from Team leader or CAS.
  • Use small power equipment such as rebar cutters, benders, and pneumatic wrenches to assemble rebar products.
  • Assist operators in loading, unloading, or changing over machines for production work.
  • Use industrial lifting machinery including forklifts and overhead cranes to load or unload vehicles with steel products according to directions from Team Leader or Foreman.
  • Participate in on-the-job training exercises to certify the safe operation of equipment and learn safe work practices.
  • Any other company duties as required by CAS or Plant Managers.

Tools & Technology

  • Proficient with use of tape measure.
  • Proficient use of basic hand tools such as pliers, wire reels, sledgehammers, pry bars, and pipe wrenches.
  • Ability to stand, bend, crouch, stoop, and kneel regularly throughout the workday.
  • Ability to push and pull steel bars into position using both hands and arms.
  • Ability to occasionally lift 50 lbs.
  • Ability to conduct basic verbal communication in English.

Cage Assembler Assistant is, with good performance and accumulation of experience, eligible for promotion to Cage Assembler 1.

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