The Cage-Rite Cage Bracing System (US Patent 8387329) transforms the drillled shaft cage manufacturing process. Comprised of robust steel rings with semi-circular detents that positively locate every vertical bar and csl pipe; the vertical bar spacing and alignment are controlled to just a few thousandths of an inch. The CAGE-RITE System ensures every cage:

  • Is exactly round
  • Resists loads imposed during construction, transportation, lifting, and placement
  • Conforms precisely to all dimensional tolerances

Save time and enhance jobsite safety of by incorporating Dimension's Cage-Rite Cage Bracing System into your drilled shaft or column rebar cages.

Bring the precision and safety of Dimension's manufactured cages to your site-built assemblies, contact Dimension Fabricators about using the Cage-Rite System on your next project.

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